Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

Or just keep moving in our case. We've been good but busy with our regular lives lately. So lots of days leave me thinking just keep moving and you can put on your pj's and set on the couch later.
Riding down the hill into the leaves.  We did in fact clean up the leaves this fall but they blow from the woods and build up behind the house. 

No it was not really warm enough for the sprinkler but they thought it was for about 15 minutes.

Elijah got himself a water rocket.  I think this is what got the interested in the sprinkler.

Yes, that is a pink barbie driving a bulldozer.
Emily just finished one session of swim lessons but started another right away so it wasn't such a big deal.


Anonymous said...

aunt janet says as always how cute
and love all the pix.....

pkg is coming, but one of my "kids"
is very sick and have to stay home
cannot be left alone......but, it
will be there.......
hugs aj

The Turners said...

I remember those rockets! Where did you get them?