Saturday, April 23, 2011


Elijah had his best friend Mitch over for a sleepover this week. We had a loud but very good time. The whole experience made me laugh. Many of the pictures reminded me of that game on Sesame Street. The 3 of these things belong together one. In this case 2 of these things belonged together and were kinda the same. One of these things just didn't belong here but was determined to be there just the same. Don't let the fluffy dresses fool you Emily is a tough cookie. She reminds me of sister bear in the Bairnstin Bears No Girls Aloud book. Sister ran after brother and his friends until she gets to be faster and better at some things then they are. Emily is not faster yet but the boys had better watch out bc she is gaining on them.

Oh and Mitch was a little gentleman all night.

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