Monday, May 23, 2011

Dancing and Running

We're out of order but the big news here is that I ran my first half marathon this Sunday.  I even got a medal since it was the North Carolina Roadrunners Club RRCA Southern Region Championship.  The guy who run had made it to the cross back and back to me before I hit the 4 mile mark.  Neil saw him finish and said he didn't even look tired. 
The kids had their recital on Saturday.  It was a ballet adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. 
Elijah was the mayor of Oz and Emily was a munchkin.
Grandma flew up to see the recital and had a great time with the kids.

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Anonymous said...

well good for you Steph............
put your pix on puter background...
the girl who does my hair does full
marathons and I know from her how
hard it look gooooood.
aunt janet