Monday, October 24, 2011

The Fair

Saturday we went to the State Fair. We hadn't been since before Emily was born so it was time to make our return. These pictures are in reverse order so the children look more awake the farther down the list you go.

Elijah finished his experience with a fried apple pie.
Emily wanted a vanilla ice cream that was about her size.

The last ride we rode was the Ferris wheel.  The line was really long but Emily had been asking about it since we got there.
It was worth the wait.

Both kids did pony rides.  Now they both say they want to take lessons.  Probably not going to happen.
Emily picked the wiggle worm and both of them enjoyed it despite how unsure Elijah looks in some of the pictures.

Emily also picked the carousel and Elijah picked the big slide.  Emily was sad to be too little for the slide and Elijah declared himself too big for the carousel.

We got there at lunch time so responsible adult that I am I picked fried cookie dough for my lunch.  good thing the kids helped me out with it. 

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Anonymous said...

well both kids have good taste.....horses are cool (Grampa Ken and I had two......miss him)
great pix of newest clothes did presents work out can you incorporated the top or tutu into something or like byself.........did
EJ figure out puzzle
just back from cruise...
G. Aunt Janet