Friday, June 6, 2008

Some of lifes bigger questions but not the ones you think.

So life has been full lately with Elijah out of school. Thankfully Emily has bonded with the Y nursery ladies and the pool is open but man am I every ready for camp to start. That said I figured I'd blog a bit about the big questions I've been pondering lately.

1) Exactly what kind of mom am I anyways? Those of you who are moms know that this is far from a simple question. Those of you who aren't just plug the word person in for mom and you get the gist. I know I want to be a good mom and most days feel like I bet the spread on that one but beyond that I'm also striving for cool mom and sometimes a touch crunchy. The cool mom part comes from the fact that I go on the water slide with my kid and now that he has his black band be still my heart let Elijah go in the deep end by himself to dive. I can report back that the water slide is actually tuns of fun especially if you remember to hold your nose around that last bend and that those lands end swimsuits keep their hold everything in promise even on the water slide. As for the deep end it scares me but I'm trying so hard to except that he is growing up and is actually pretty capable. Crunchy bc I recycle obsessively, sew my own diapers, and wash everything in Charlies Soap. In addition to that I'm not overly sure about everything else. I can say though that I relish that fact that even though my son is getting older he still likes to share fun things like the water slide with me and that I'm not too busy laying out in the sun to do it with him.

2) Do I really need it? Ahh can't you just feel the purse strings tightening across the nation. Seems that everyone is trying to spend less and we are no exception. Funny thing is Neil and I have both found that we save a decent amount of money just by thinking about our little purchases. As hard as it is I've excepted that my children both have enough o clothing for the moment as do I and that we really don't need all that much. Truthfully I am sometimes disgusted when I see how many things I have purchased for myself in the heat of the moment that I don't really even like when the smoke clears so in some ways I feel much better not spending so much. Of course the follow up is Do I really really want it? and sometimes when the answer is yes I get whatever it is but we are all trying.

Emily is screaming I best be going.

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