Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 Airplanie

I have many goals for 2010 most of which I have no real desire to list out at the moment. However, the one that effects this blog the most is my goal to take at least one picture every day for the year. I'd like to declare one photo the photo of the day each day. I will try to post daily but I am not promising that I will only that I will do my best to take them and get them up. I came up with this idea bc I've found that I don't take many pictures of our day to day goings on and bc I remembered a news story from before Elijah was born about a man who had taken a film picture of his child every day of her life. I thought it was a neat idea but didn't do it with either of my kids. I figure this way they can be pictures of whatever but it should motivate me to take more with my pretty new camera. Thanks dear.

Now about the picture. My Aunt Janet and Uncle David got Elijah a huge totally awesome lego airplane kids for Christmas. I was dreading putting it together but Neil and Elijah worked on it nap time for the past two days and here it is. As you can see the big boy is quite proud of himself. Thankfully daddy has much more patience with these things then I do. You picked a winner though Janet he is thrilled with it and has it on display on a very high shelf in the play room.

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