Saturday, January 30, 2010


Here we have Elijah going out last night and the kids outside today. Its COLD! We do not hve the right gear for cold snow like this. Here's a breakdown of what everyone was wearing.
Emily: tights, jeans, turtleneck, blanket sleeper, mittens, daddy socks on hands, jacket, hat, hi kitty boots
Elijah: jeans, ls shirt, sweat shirt, fleece pants, regular socks, fleece socks, boots, my hat, gloves somehow he got out with no coat the first time but after that he also had a big winter jacket on
Stephanie tights, socks, tank top, ls shirt, cords, fleece jacket, winterish but not that warm jacket, fleece socks, uggs, scarf, red hat cap
Neil not nearly enough bc he needed to be tougher then the rest of us.

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