Monday, May 10, 2010

Calming down

Elijah working on his Study Island program for school. He was pretty tired today after the weekend and being up late last night.

Last night Elijah and I went to River Dance it was really cool and he had a wounderful time. We may be looking into Irish Dance soon. Oh and just for you if your reading Erin afterwords he was tired it was 10 when he got to bed and this is what he said to me. "Mommy now I know how you and Daddy feel when you have to stay up late I never want to do this again," He was a cranky pita on Monday morning though.

Saturday we went to a birthday party for Elijah's friend Ian. This is a picture of Emily walking with Elijah's friend William. I thought she would be a bit older before she got crushes on her brother's friends but they were cute hanging out together.

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The Turners said...

I missed that about William taking care of Emily! Well, she has good taste in boys! hee hee