Monday, May 3, 2010

Way too many pictures.

Like I said way too many but there were too many good ones to only do one per day.

Spell check would not work today so read on at your own risk.

Sunday we were resting mostly but we got meat to grill at the Meat House and they had some local strawberries that smelled so good we just had to buy them. They tasted even better.

Saturday we did a day trip to the beach. Next time we will do a weekend but we didn't have time and this was so much fun. The kids had a great time. Emily wanted to be buried in the sand and draw in the sand. They both spent a lot of time in the water despite the fact that it was cold. Then we drove to the river in Wilimington for lunch/dinner combo meal. Elijah had nachos with just cheese and told our waitress that it was the best meal he had ever eaten. Thanks kid. Oh well this discovery opens up mexican resteraunts to us.

Friday we had the dress rehersall for the recitale. The kids ended up eating Chic Filet in the back of my car for dinner. I'm not ready for this level of running around on a regular basis and am glad it is still rare in our schedule.

Thursday we picked up Emily's balance bike from Science Safari. She had been campaigning for a little bike but can't peddle so this is perfect and will be for a while. If you need one call the guys and the store and have them order you one. They're great it so is the little bike. In all these pictures she is screaming "Look at Emily."

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