Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I know I know at least it hasn't been 6 months

Yes Chrissie and Erin that title was for you two. I do wish you'd update.

As for us all is well here. I learned how to freezer paper stencil. Emily and Elijah both did some art in school. I also made Emily some cuddly new nighties. I owe her two more but nobody remind her ok. We've been playing outside including the lovely shot of Elijah pushing Emily with his butt. Oh and that is Emily in her dance gear picking dresses out of my heirloom sewing book. Elijah got his first note of sorts from a girl. He also got a pokimon hat. I'm sure there will be more when I get them all up so just make up your own caption. Feel free to share it for that matter. I still have more to come but they are on the camera

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chrissey said...

As soon as I read, I knew it was directed at me (and probably Erin too). :P I'll update...maybe...someday. Anyway, I love the pic of Emily sitting on your lap at the table. Super cute!