Friday, October 15, 2010

monkeys and frogs oh my

Elijah was 3.5 when we moved into the house. He is now 7.5. I said I was going to do his bathroom with the lovely yellow tile in duckies when we moved in. I bought one little duckie toothbrush holder then nothing really. Also our towels many of which we've had since we got married 9.5 years ago are getting stinky. Oh and my parents are coming today. So with all that I decided today was get stuff for the bathroom day. Emily and I went to Kohls mostly bc she announced that she needed to potty and that was the closest store that I knew would have towels and an easy to find potty. Turned out great though. Emily and Elijah both love monkeys and frogs but I'd never seen them together in a set much less a set with yellow as a main color. I bought a bit more then planned but I think it looks good. Now we just need to pick a color and paint.

Neil took the kids to the library yesterday while I went to the grocery store. When they got back Elijah read Emily his pokemon book.

This other one goes with the last set. Its the Cinderella skirt I made her. Yes I'm one of those cray sewing mamas who is making her daughter a bunch of new clothes for Disney bc she really can't be not a princess at any moment while there right?

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