Monday, October 26, 2009

Its my happybirthdayparty

Emily's Birthday party was this weekend. It was supposed to be at the park but alas it rained on and off all afternoon so we had it at our house instead. The experience with Emily has been different from Elijah at this age bc many of our friends have kids about her age though most of them are not in these pictures. Her friends Maeve, Alex, Grady, and Hanna came. All of whom are also children of our friends so great for us bc we got to hang with Kirk, Erin, Chrissie, Andy, and Wendy. We all had a great time and by the end of the party we were talking to Kirk and Erin, their daughter Maeve was hugging on Elijah, and Emily was wandering the house dragging bunny by the ear sucking her thumb saying "its my happybirthdayparty". Then she disappeared up to her room where she laid down on the floor and started going night night.

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