Sunday, October 4, 2009


I successfully bought new jeans today. I know your thinking what a great accomplishment for you but hey I had to take Emily with me and only realized after I got to the mall that I was without the stroller. Thanks Dear! I'll point out that this was also necessary bc all of my current jeans fall down not so much that they can't be worn but so much that they look pretty bad after a few hours and I spend more then half the day pulling my pants up. Um I have better things to do with my time. So anyways I don't plan on buying lots of new pairs as I'd still like to drop another size but I feel like everyone should always have one pair of jeans that they think they look great in which I did not have. When I reach my goal size I will be going to Nordstrom for some real designer jeans but that is not the goal today. Plus I have to drop another size before that is really an option anyways. Angela you can come for that trip since you're very good at convincing me to go ahead and buy things. Today I went to the Gap which did not go well as the size 14 long and leans were loose in some funny places and I didn't want to try another fit. Then to American Eagle where thankfully the nice little sales girl saw me walk in with Emily on one hip and stand in front of the jeans wall. At this point she took it upon herself to tell me the perfect ones for me were the Artest fit as they have a no gap waste which her manager who has a toddler likes bc she bends over a lot. Well whatever she sent me to the dressing room with regular and ripped artest jeans and I went with the ripped. They look like great old jeans that I've had for a while and I'm hoping they will be too big by the end of winter. Blah blah balh congrats if you hung on this long. I'll post some pictures of the kids tomorrow but today I'm excited about my new smaller jeans.

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Erin said...

You are my weight-loss inspiration!