Saturday, October 31, 2009

No Painting

Wednesday afternoon I had the audacity to tell the children we wouldn't be painting pumpkins due to the fact that we didn't have time and Elijah had an entire day off of school on Friday. The kiddies were not pleased with my decision to just play outside bc it was a beautiful day. They decided to paint the slide with leaves and water. Don't worry the pumpkins were painted Friday then again Saturday due to the fact that their parents were too tired to put them up last night and all the paint washed off in the rain. I will post pictures of the Friday painting session when they are up. No photos were taken of the Saturday session though it turns out painting is at the moment a good way to keep the kids involved and reasonably quiet though Emily needs more paint every 2 seconds so it is not an activity that allows for Mommy to do something else.

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