Monday, February 15, 2010

snow, eggs, dress

The blue dress is a second run of the pattern I'm testing. It is really a great pattern and Emily loves both dresses so if your ever over you go Dawn you rock! I'm also loving the process of "testing" and have learned some new techniques from reading her pattern. Now if we can just get a few pretty dry days so I can get some better pictures of her in the dresses.

Elijah making his own eggs. I've just excepted that he does not care if his pj's match.

Thankfully Friday morning I went and bought a new sled to replace the one that broke during the last storm. This was more the type of NC snow that I like. Roads were fine, we went out in the morning, it was gone in time to get the kids back to school.

Oh and as a side note Neil realized that he had the resolution of my camera set lower then it needed to be and has fixed that so hopefully tomorrow's picture will be better.


The Turners said...

Gavin's pjs don't match either! I'm the one that gets them out, too. hee hee

Angela said...

I love emily's hat and jacket for sledding!!