Sunday, March 21, 2010

Signs of Spring

Saturday was both the official first day of spring and the last day of the winter swim season. Elijah did well in time trials so well in fact that some obnacous kid said he was cheating. Sometimes I really can't stand some children.

Friday we did some grilling and playing outside. Emily's new favorite thing is climbing. On that note she has not yet made it out of her crib but is trying to claim Elijah's bed. This is actually a good thing bc his is more of a transition bed so we are going to get him a new bed and desk and put her in his for a few years till she is a bit bigger. We have the headboard to match her furnature but I like the idea of her being closer to the floor for a bit still.

Thursday we caught a picture of the ducks visit. There are 2 ducks at our pond that come on holiday to our side of the street every spring. Emily really likes them but they are less then sure about her.

Today is Elijah's actual party at La Farm so hopefully I will get some photos of that up tonight.

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