Saturday, March 27, 2010

tired and busy

Don't worry life is still good we've just been busy busy busy. Here are the short photo blurbs in no particular order.

Wendy and I were friends when we were little before my family moved. Now we live close together and our daughters are only 2 months apart and are also friends. Thankfully her daughter Hannah is quite tollerant of Emily. She also has a 5 week old son whom I got to hold on Thursday while we were visiting. He was such a sweet little thing and just the right baby fix for me.

Elijah has been really into lego kits lately. He likes the ones where there is one thing you make out of the legos give. Almost like building models. This is the robot from the kit her got using a his gift card from Beca. We are going to get some shelves for his room so he can display his creations.

After an eventful morning Emily and I went up to Crabtree to check out H and M. Um I totally have a new fav mall. We went there and Forever 21 (I take back all the mean things I've said about this store) and had a blast. We even said hi to the Easter bunny though she chose not to sit on his lap. In the picture she is drinking a small berry blast cooler and wearing her new princess Tiana shoes.

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