Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Three more things

Elijah decided to use some of his money to buy himself a fancy candy apple at the meat house.

Neil got me a dress form for my birthday but it came in a clearly marked box so he decided I could go ahead and set it up. Now to learn how to use it.

Neil is also trying to get better at taking pictures of me. I made this outfit myself.


Sabrina @ my little slice of pie said...

You did an awesome job! Let me know how you like the dressform. I love mine, but haven't used it nearly enough. And...how's the meat at the meat house. I keep driving by thinking I need to go in.

Stephanie said...

I haven't fitted anything to her yet but I will keep you posted. I'm thinking of getting her a too small tank top so I can pin to her more easily. The marinated meat at the meat house is tdf. They are also really nice. I don't know that I would bother with plain meat there just bc its a little pricey but for a treat its great.