Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Pictures take 1

I'd like to begin this post by saying that no one need to panic Angela has already agreed to take pictures of my kids in their Christmas outfits. That said I used to be a pretty decent photographer from time to time too back before Elijah was born I could take great pictures of the kids at the daycare I worked at and what not. So yesterday part way through a school holiday and all around crummy day I decided to take my kids over to the lake in their Christmas outfits to take pictures. It was beautiful plus Angela doesn't like ducks so she would rather not take them there. The debacle started with it take 30 minutes and a lot of screaming to get Elijah into all three pieces of his outfit plus socks and shoes. By the time we got there the sun was in a weird position and well madness ensued. .She was yelling ducks.

I like this one except for the glare.

In this one Elijah is sneezing on Emily. Oh and they are beside a giant ant hill.

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