Tuesday, November 4, 2008

babble babble babble

I do have lots of new pictures to post and perhaps I'll stumble back over here in a day or so to do it but right now I just going to babble. Its been an interesting but of time. Not bad interesting actually good interesting. I'm not sure how to describe it but I've just been in a really good place lately. Almost waiting for the other shoe to drop good. Not for any particular reason just enjoying my kids, my husband, and my life in general. So on that topic here comes the babbling.

I've been spending a lot of time just watching Emily lately. She got some bigger girl toys for her birthday which is good bc it hadn't dawned on us that she would enjoy little people and ride on toys yet but oh boy does she. She has been figuring things out and I have been staring at her. I join her when she wants but I always tried to engage Elijah and now I understand that you babies will not always let you stare at them. It seems like a little thing but about a year ago Elijah started getting annoyed with me when I did this so I'm going to eat it up while Emily is to little to be self conscious about it and if you little ones are still little enough I encourage you to do the same. You may think you have years but Elijah started to get annoyed with me at four.

Elijah is doing well though thanks to the election he has been out of school for two days and we are ready to go back. We are enjoying are walks on the greenway and he has made good friends with some of the little girls down the street.

I'm exercising a lot and doing stuff for church. Both of which I'm doing my best to enjoy. I may not be skinnier then I was before Emily but I am definitely stronger. I'm not sure quite how it happened I think it started with the power moms class that included running and weights two things that I did not do before. I've also made it back to yoga so I'm feeling more centered and my back feels better. I'm not sure what else but its all good there.

Oh and I've become a bit obsessed with my crock pot. It started with the blog you see linked on the side. I've been using it at least 2 or 3 times a week bc I'd much rather spend a few minutes throwing stuff into the crock pot in the morning then 30min of actual cooking in the evening. I've also been sewing but haven't taken pictures of much lately so eventually I'll pile it all together and take a picture.

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