Friday, November 21, 2008

teeth most of our issues have to do with teeth

I have lots of pictures to upload but I'm waiting for Neil to put them up on flikr and since its his Birthday I'm not going to bug him about it today. That said lots of stuff has been going on around here well that and I don't feel like picking up the living room.

Emily has been miserable for a few days. I took her to the ped yesterday sure it was an ear infection and somewhat hoping that it was bc then she could have gotten some nice amoxacilin and started to feel better in a day or so alas her ears are fine, her throat is fine, her nose is a little snotty but fine, her mouth however is a mess. Poor baby is currently working of four regular teeth and one molar which explains the screaming, the snot, and the low grade fever. I guess I'm glad she's not sick but she is miserable even with origel and baby Motrin and she is inflicting her misery on those around her.

Elijah lost his fort tooth at school on Wednesday. I decided that your first tooth was worth 5 bucks. Neil was arguing for a quarter since that what he got but I told him that I got at least a dollar and more for the first so he agreed. Now his money is burning a whole in his pocket though so I'm going to have to take him up to science safari today after school.

Non teeth related we got to go to Elijah's school on Wednesday for a parent teacher conference and he is mostly doing well. He get distracted and day dreams which we knew already but he is at the top of his class in most activities. Some of the focus is that he does what I used to do and gets a bit off track on thinking about the reasons behind the assignment.

OK I've got to go clean. My parents get here tomorrow.

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Just Me said...

Oh, I hope Elijah get's a good haul from the tooth fairy!

BTW I'm tagging you, mama. Go check out my blog for the rules.