Monday, June 8, 2009

First Swim Meet

Elijah had his first swim meet this past Saturday. It was long, hot, and emily and I had to leave early but all in all we had a great time. He did well in all his races. Was in the final (fast) heat in all three and finished well. We think 3rd or 4th in backstroke and freestyle and it looked like he won breast stroke. He also swam in the freestyle relay with some of his buddies. We are vary thankful that one of his preschool friends Jackson is also on the team and was in 3 of Elijah's heats with him. They had a great time together playing and telling jokes to the point that Jackson's mom said before their first race even though one of the other kids totally flipped out and quit the team right there on the spot she didn't think they were entirely aware that they were getting ready to race. So anyways we are quite proud of him for doing his best and see many more swim meets in our future. Though I'm not super excited about the 2 while Neil is at Linux Symposium.


The Turners said...

Lookin' good Elijah! Swimming sure does seem to be a great fit for him!

Angela said...

I love to watch him jump in! I hate the weather was not cooperative yesterday - Beca has enjoyed saying hi to Elijah at the pool.