Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Maybe a big of planning

The sewing site I visit recently had a competition called SWAP which stands for Sewing With A Purpose. The idea was to create a 12 item wardrobe in a little over a month. I did not participate but looking at the entries was quite inspiring and I think I am going to try to incorporate a bit of that into my sewing this fall for Elijah and all of my sewing for myself. The goal for Emily this fall is to use mostly fabric I have. I will buy only things that I need to coordinate with what I already have. Here are the basic rules the followed.

12 garments that coordinate
2 pairs of pants (or skirts if you don't wear pants)
2 additional bottoms (capris, pants, skirts, shorts etc)
4 simple tee shirt type tops
2 non tee shirt type tops
1 dress (or be creative if you don't wear dresses. If you create something that's an alternative that's okay, but it has to be comparable and it's up to you to decide what that is)
1 simple cardigan, coat, sweater or pull over

Don't know for sure if I will do this exactly but Elijah will need a bunch of stuff this fall so I think at least the general idea is great. Perhaps it will help me avoid the problem of this year where all his pants went with brown and all his tops were mostly black. That's what happens when I just buy/make whatever catches my fancy. We'll see what happens but hopefully this fall will be more coordinated. Plus if I do that a bit for Emily the hand me downs will work better for Jessica and Evelyn. If they do the game again next spring I may get up the gumption to do it who knows. I can't imagine focusing on sewing only for myself for an entire month but I bet it would be fun. They also had to pick fabric and pattern ahead of time so it wasn't haphazard there are several that I would love to just copy directly.

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Sabrina said...

Thanks for the reminder. I need to get stitching. We have a little over a month before school begins again.