Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Love This Dress

I got this pattern in a set of vintage patterns from ebay last year some time. I was very intimidated by all of the details and have had it sitting aside for a while now plus Emily still doesn't have a 20in chest which is the chest measurement for a size 1 in Simplicity patterns. Thankfully sewingmama's is having a vintage pattern competition this month and that was just the push I needed to give it a go. I also decided to be brave and use some good fabric that I loved for it. I'm so glad I did they work so well together. It was harder then many things I've made but I took my time (something I should do more often with all sewing) and really enjoyed the process.


chrissey said...

That dress is absolutely beautiful. You should be proud! You have some serious skills, girl. :)

Sabrina said...

It's gorgeous! I love it too. I've made a few vintage patterns and aren't they just darling? Great job!