Thursday, June 10, 2010

award, last, more

As always thanks to blogger this will be a bit of a matching game.

Today was the last day of school for the year so I snapped a not that great picture of Elijah leaving.

Yesterday was awards day and Elijah got the Principals award for his class. Not for going to the office the most but for behaving very well all year. I'm glad he's so good for them but sometimes I wish he were as nice to me as he is to his teachers.

Black out days 3 and 4.

Today's outfit is the gypsy skirt I made from my Amy Buttler Love fabric. Its pretty much my favorite set of prints ever and while you can't tell in the picture the skirt has corset ties on both sides that hang down. It also moves really well and I feel great in it. The shirt is a cheap Walmart find. I plan on making something better but this one is OK.

Yesterday, Old Navy navy flower cargo pants that are a size big but make me happy just the same. I liked them when I found them on the sale rack bc they looked camo at first but are actually flowers. Shirt is from H and M. I bought it on my first ever trip there and while the sleeves don't do my shoulders any favors I like its 80s vibe.

Shoes both days are my much sought after Jambu's the color is rasberry and they are from REI though if you want this color you will likely have to order them. I wear an 11 so I almost always have to order everything so no pity from me on that one.

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