Sunday, June 6, 2010

weekly update

Still doing well with the picture taking but not as well with the blog updating so here we go in no particular order. Its a little like a matching game for you my readers.

Elijah had time trials for swim team yesterday. Because of where his birthday fall in regards to the cutoff he will be one of the youngest this season and it will likely be a character building experience. He sees ok with it though as he is still with his friends Jackson and Victor.

We bribed Emily through the potty training process by showing her the bitty babies online and telling her when she could put her poop and potty on the potty all the time we would get her one. It took about two days last week not even and then she had to wait almost a week for shipping.

On Thursday I didn't have a hot poker to stick into my eye so I thought I'd take both kids to the grocery store right before a storm instead. Fun was had by all.

Its been muddy a lot lately so we had to go mud stomping. Emily can't walk in her boots though so she work old sandles.

Emily also learned how to blow bubbles with the good bubble solution this week. More of the good stuff in on my Target list.

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