Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Presents I love the presents

This is mostly a confession based post on my part but I came to a realization recently. I'm the one in my family who really loves to get the Christmas crazies. While we are keeping things more reigned in this year then we did when Elijah was littler I have to confess that I really enjoy buying and making neat Christmas gifts for my kids. Someone recently suggested to me this great set up based on the gifts the wise men brought Jesus and while it sounded like a great program all I could thing was I'm not sure I could bear it if I were only allowed to get my children 3 gifts plus one from Santa. I do come by this rightly. My mom is way worse then I am but I just enjoy it too much not to do it so many of our gifts are simpler this year but we will still be opening lots of presents bc it makes me happy.

Thanks for the music recommendations. I've been hanging out on utube deciding what I like. I still haven't updated my itunes account since loosing my wallet so no official additions to the ipod but we are getting there.

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