Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Clause is coming.

In general we do not make huge Christmas plans. Both of us come from families that for different reasons celebrated as immediate family only on Christmas day so neither of us is used to big gatherings and having decided that we like it that way are passing that tradition along to our children. Our children who are currently wildly excited about Christmas and driving us just a little crazy particularly Elijah who hasn't been about to contain himself all day (Ok that is where I stopped bc neil had gone upstairs and Elijah was trying to take Emily outside)

Now picking up after dinner. The kids each opened one present after church. Elijah opened his spider man cape and after being unsure about it had fun tearing around the house and jumping into the play room. This year will be a bit of an adjustment for him as most of his gifts are lowtech. Emily opened a fabric book and Neil opened the Jack shirt I made him. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Elijah is now worried that Santa might not come if he lets me take pictures of them in their matching pj's before bed. I thought we were done with Santa earlier this year when he came home from school announcing that a friend had told him Santa wasn't real but he seems to have drunk the koolaid again. I'm fine either way. I just don't want to blatantly lie to him when he asks questions. I think this will probably be our last year though. I know some people try to preserve this part of the Christmas magic longer but truth be told I think its just a magical either way. He will have to pretend for Emily for a few years anyways much like I did for Sam and even after that Santa will still bring gifts. Since our Santa doesn't wrap presents he mostly brings the hard to wrap items.

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