Saturday, December 20, 2008

This and That

It seems that I go long enough between updating lately that its hard to form on coherent set of thoughts. Life is full and life is good though so who am I to complain.

We are getting ready for Christmas though thus far it hasn't been stressful. Most of the gifts are wrapped. I hope that the kids particularly Elijah are happy this year. We are not nor will we ever be doing a completely handmade Christmas but I did make many of their gifts this year and most of them are low tech. He is getting the Walee dvd and a mini web kin but other then that its some old school Lego's and mama made stuff. Emily's stuff is much the same. She is getting a ball popper but most of her stuff is mama made. Santa will be bringing her the parenting cube that Elijah wanted when he was little. Some of this was out of my desire to save a bit of money this year but most of it was wanting to encourage more creative play. Oh and I nearly forgot Emily and Beca are both getting pettiskirts and they look so fun I really wish I'd ordered an adult one for myself and will if there is another co op.

I'd also like to spend a bit of time bragging one my husband. Feel free to skip this part if you have a weak stomach. I should begin by saying that I think we all must try to find someone who is right for us and Neil is right for me in many ways I can't even explain but he has also done some things lately that are blatantly brag worthy. First off I've had a nasty cold this week and he has been letting me sleep in till he has to walk Elijah to school. He usually gets Elijah moving but not having to deal with either of them for a bit each morning has been incredible. He also wrapped my Christmas presents in fabric that Emily picked out at Elegant Stitches. It will be fun to figure out what to make out of it but its all very pretty. Emily even picked out a lady bug fabric that she also picked this summer so she must really like that. Oh and lastly Rehannon pointed out to me that it is uncommon to have your husband read the entire Twilight Series to you in bed but mine totally did. He liked them too though as they really are fun books.

As for the kids they are well. Elijah seems to be over his ear infections and excited about winter break. Emily had discovered whole milk and sippy cups so she is nursing so much less. I'm actually pretty happy about this. I like nursing but I'm sick of nursing bras and she is so active that she really doesn't like to take the time out of her busy day for it more then maybe twice. I just don't want her to drop her early morning one till she is ready to skip it all together bc this mama does not get up at 5:30.

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