Sunday, December 14, 2008

teeth tiaras and whatnot

Elijah lost his second tooth Today at Sweet Tomatoes.
3d shapes are now a part of the kinder garden curriculum. Here is a cube that Elijah made all by himself. He definitely has some good visual spacial skills.
Emily wearing Mommies old tiara. She loved it and didn't want to give it up but I told her she couldn't officially have it till she was old enough not to break it.
Last but not least my effort to be a cool crafty mama. Elijah is stamping the packing paper that Oma and Opa sent with their gifts to make wrapping paper. Truth be told he didn't love doing it so he only did this one sheet. If we do it again I will get stamps and ink pads instead of paint stamps. I think that would have definitely worked better.

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Laura said...

ya took the princess' tiara? that's almost evil...:0)

congrats to the architect!!