Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Angry little Model

These are pictures of Emily modeling her Easter dress. It has coordinating pantaloons but she was in no mood. I wanted to go ahead a put of pictures though since I may not get her in it again until Easter Sunday. It was inspired by a dress that Dawn at Olabelth did for her daughter. Her blog is in my list that I visit. Oh and thankfully she has grown a bit. I modified a Simplicity pattern as I am just not ready to do things from scratch and she is even too little for a 1/2. I bought the fabric last year and only bought a yard of each so that was a little limiting as well. I made both kids Easter outfits so hopefully they will let me get some good pictures or maybe it will stop raining for long enough to go over to the pond and take pictures.

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Dawn said...

Stephanie, that is adorable! I really love the pink and brown combo.