Monday, April 6, 2009

Out out danged watermelon fabric.

I bought all this watermelon fabric last year not long after I started sewing again. At the time I was really interested in having a "stash" of fabric as many of the ladies on the sewing mamas board do and this just seemed like perfect fabric plus the green was almost gone so I got a discount on it. I prewashed it and put it on the shelf in the sewing room where it sat and sat and sat. I'm not sure why but it never really spoke to me and I kept buying other fabrics instead. It probably doesn't help that green is not exactly Emily's best color or that it is loud loud loud in person. Well time passed and one of my online friends wrote a ruffle pants tutorial to make pants similar to some on chasing fireflies and these were the only two coordinating fabrics I had so I figured rather then buy new fabric to try out the pattern I'd make it with these. Well I think the fabric was mad at me for letting it sit bc the whole outfit was a comedy of errors. The top ruffle is all croaked, my machine tried to eat part of the shirt, I cut the contrast band too small for the shirt and had to add some pleats, and then the rise on the pants was way too low and I had to add a knit band at the top. All that said I still can't decide if I like this outfit or not but she wore it to the park yesterday and got lots of compliments. Someone even asked where I bought it. I'm not sure if I will make the pants again. If I do they will be shorter, out of more muted or even solid fabric, and I will buy a rolled hem foot first (that would be a great birthday gift it your wondering what to get me).

OK outfit two is for the baby swap. I got a new pattern and couldn't decide if Emily was a 1 or a 2 in it so I made a 1 out of the rest of the watermelon fabric to test out the size. I think it came out quite well. It is my first fully lined garment and that is a different experience in sewing. I also cut the smocking insert too short but thankfully it worked. The smocking was my first time doing overlay smocking and I have to say was a bit blindness inducing but I love the effect. Hopefully whomever gets this in their box will like it.

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Angela said...

I love the outfits! But I think loud loud loud on little girls is awesome because heaven knows they should wear it past a certain age anyway.