Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oliver and S how I love thee.

I guess I should begin by saying that if you haven't noticed I've decided to highlight my sewing projects on my blog a lot more. I like to be able to show off and talk about the things that I make and figured that my blog was a good place to do it. Also blogger seems to have a mind of its own when it uploads my pictures and I don't care to figure out why so they are rarely in order.

These are the last two sets I made for Emily. They are from the Oliver and S sailboat pants pattern. At first I was put off by this pattern brand as they are more expensive then most but I Santa hooked me up with the sandbox pants for Christmas and I was hooked. Her directions are so good and so straightforward. You just start at the beginning follow the steps and there you have it. They are also all very Baby Gap in my opinions which is fun for me. I have a lot of Euro patterns which are also fun but very boutique like while this one just looks like great play clothes to me. I did modify the sleeves bc they were long which maybe is OK in New York where the lady that designs them lives but won't work for spring/summer in NC. I made the pink set first and just shortened the sleeves but for the blue set I made them fluffier and added elastic. Anyways blah blah blah highly recommend the pattern. I have two more that I'm going to try soon but I have some other things to finish first.

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The Turners said...

These pictures take me back to when my mom and grandmother made all of my clothes! Great work!