Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Super Cool Super Mario Outfit

Well the title kind of says it all. Elijah had been complaining that I never make him anything. Mind you I just finished a pirate quilt that I'll posts pictures of another day and two Birthday gifts for his friends but I never make him anything. So I asked what he wanted and the above are the result. The Mario fabric is from a pair of men's pj pants. I had 1/2 yard of the red so not enough for a shirt front and this crazy supper stretchy tubular rib knit fro Chez Ame that I think was really just supposed to be ribbing so that's how the shirt got so crazy. Then I wanted them to be as Mario filled as possible so I put lots of extra detail. I even used the string from the pj pants to make the draw string. Oh and the patterns are the Oliver and S Sandbox pants and a curved raglan from Ottobre. Never been to the otto site you should go check it out. Here it is.